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Keyword surfer what it is and how to use it in your digital marketing strategy

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Keyword Surfer is a great tool for anyone who wants to leverage their digital marketing strategies. This tool allows you to analyze the most relevant keywords for your business and, therefore, create more efficient content.

In this article, we will explore what Keyword Surfer is and how to use it to get better results in your digital marketing strategy.

What is Keyword Surfer?

Keyword Surfer is a free keyword research tool that can be installed as a Google Chrome extension. With it, you can analyze the search volume for a given keyword, as well as how difficult it is to rank in Google results. Additionally, the tool also shows related keywords and their respective metrics.

How to use Keyword Surfer in your marketing strategy digital marketing?

1. Keyword Research

With Keyword Surfer, you can perform keyword research to identify which terms have a high search volume and low ranking difficulty. This analysis allows you to create content that is relevant to your audience and has a good chance of appearing in Google search results.

To perform keyword research on the tool, you must first install the Google Chrome extension. Then, open a new browser tab and type the keyword you want to search in the Google search bar. Keyword Surfer will display information about the keyword's monthly search volume, ranking difficulty, and cost-per-click (CPC).

Additionally, the tool will also display a list of related keywords and their respective metrics. To filter the results, you can select a specific country or language.

2. Competitor analysis

The tool can also be used to analyze competitors and identify the most relevant keywords in your niche market. To do this, you need to type the relevant keyword in the Google search bar and check which sites appear in the search results. Then, use the Keyword Surfer extension to check the keywords most used by competitors that appear in the first search results.

With all the information generated, it is possible to identify opportunities to create more efficient content that stands out in the competition with competitors. Additionally, by analyzing your competitors' keywords, you can gain insights into their digital marketing strategy and thereby improve your own strategy.

3. Identifying content opportunities

Additionally, Keyword Surfer can also help identify content opportunities. By analyzing related keywords, you can discover new topics that are relevant to your audience and that have not yet been explored by the competition.

4. Optimization of existing content

Finally, you can also use Keyword Surfer to optimize existing content. With the analysis of related keywords, it is possible to identify which terms are missing in the content already published and, therefore, optimize it to improve rankings in search results.


Keyword Surfer is an essential tool for any successful digital marketing strategy. With it, you can identify relevant keywords, analyze the competition, discover content opportunities and optimize existing content. If you are not already using Keyword Surfer in your digital marketing strategy, you are missing a great opportunity to stand out in the market and achieve more success in your marketing actions.

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