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The best WordPress templates in 2024

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In the vast universe of WordPress, templates play a crucial role in building a website’s visual identity. They are the first impression visitors have and play a significant role in the user experience.

When you choose a template, you are shaping the way content is presented, user navigation and even influencing the performance of your website. Therefore, it is essential to understand the importance of this decision for the success of your online project.

In this article, we will show you the best templates for WordPress in 2024 and point out the trends for the year that is beginning. Check out!

How to choose the ideal WordPress template

Choosing the ideal template can seem complicated given the countless options available. However, to make an informed decision, it's vital to consider factors like your website's purpose, target audience, ease of navigation, and desired aesthetic.

It's not just about finding the prettiest template, but the one that best aligns with the specific goals of your project. Furthermore, the content is also mandatory when assembling the layout, which will influence the choice of template. Let's explore these criteria in detail to help you make an informed decision.

Design trends for 2024

In 2024, design trends point to minimalism and responsiveness. Users are increasingly accessing websites via mobile devices, and responsive design is key to delivering a consistent experience across different screens.

Minimalism, in turn, stands out for its simplicity and focus on the essential. The clean aesthetic not only improves usability, but also reflects a modern and elegant approach.

The addition of animations and interactive elements is transforming the user experience. These features not only make the website more visually attractive, but also engage visitors, keeping them there for longer. Therefore, we hope to see broader integration of these elements into WordPress templates.

1. Hello Elementor: Great theme designed especially for Elementor

The fact that Hello Elementor is developed especially for Elementor brings with it complete control over the creation of your website.

The theme offers a wide range of pre-built templates with responsive layouts and blocks that can be easily customized. It also allows you to create your own designs from scratch using Elementor's drag and drop interface.

The best WordPress templates in 2024 - Hello Elementor

The Hello Elementor theme is responsive, ensuring your blog posts look great on any device. Since mobile-friendliness is a ranking factor for Google, this is a huge bonus from an SEO perspective.

Another strong point is that the theme is free and does not have a Pro version.


2. Astra: Modernity and functionality in a single template

The Astra theme has won over the WordPress community for its perfect fusion of modernity and functionality. With a clean design and advanced features, this template stands out among favorites for different types of websites.

The best WordPress templates in 2024 - Astra

With over 1.6 million active installs, Astra is a lightweight, fast-loading multipurpose theme that can be used on both blogs and websites. The free version gives you access to starter website installation, custom widgets, unlimited color options, and more.

As far as free WordPress themes for blogs go, it's one of the best in terms of flexibility and design customization without needing to upgrade to the Pro version.

On the other hand, upgrading to the Pro version provides great additional features like a custom header and footer builder. Additionally, if you want to sell physical or digital products through your blog, the premium version also offers WooCommerce integration.

The Astra theme costs US$ 44 to US$ 174 per year or US$ 224 to US$ 874 for a lifetime subscription. It is compatible with Elementor, Gutenberg, Beaver Builder, and Brizy page builders.


3. OceanWP: Versatility is its strong suit

There are more than 700,000 active OceanWP installations. In addition to being very popular, it is very easy to customize and can be used for blogs, magazines and business websites.

The free version comes with features like pre-built layouts, custom widgets, infinite scrolling, full-screen backgrounds, and more. Therefore, it is a good choice for those who want to maintain a blog and focus on content creation, in addition to having access to advanced customization options.

The best WordPress templates in 2024 - OceanWP

The Pro version also adds extra features like Elementor page builder support and WooCommerce integration. So you can create an online store if you need.

The Pro version costs between US$ 27 to US$ 80 per year or US$ 11 to US$ 318 for a lifetime subscription.


4. Neve: Speed and great options for those just starting out

The Neve theme is very fast and ideal for both blogs and small businesses.

If you want to start a personal blog on a budget but still want advanced options usually only found in a premium theme, Neve is a great choice.

The free version is incredibly comprehensive and comes with a variety of blog layouts, custom widgets, custom colors, infinite scrolling option, and much more.

Upgrading to the Pro version adds features like WooCommerce integration, as well as Elementor page builder support, post layouts, responsive design options, and other functionality.

The best WordPress templates in 2024 - Neve

The cost of the Pro version is between US$ 99 and US$ 349 per year. The theme is compatible with Elementor, Brizy, Beaver Builder, Visual Composer and Divi page Builder.


5. Divi: own builder and editing system

The Divi Builder theme allows you to customize any page or post without having to write any code like most WordPress themes. With it you can add texts, images, videos and many other elements that help your blog stand out.

Additionally, it also offers pre-made layouts to get you started right away. The included Divi Theme Customizer allows you to quickly and easily customize every aspect of your design with real-time previews. And mobile design options give you full control over how your blog looks on different devices.

The best WordPress templates in 2024 - Divi

The builder itself is very easy to use, which is the highlight of the theme. But it loses a little in flexibility, as it is not compatible with other builders. The theme does not have a free version, which can also be an impediment to its use. It costs US$ 89 per year or US$ 249 for lifetime access.


6. Generate Press: flexibility and variety of options

The Generate Press theme comes with built-in support for popular page builders like Beaver Builder and Elementor. This way, you have full control over how your website looks and functions.

The theme also includes a variety of custom widgets, including Instagram feeds, sliders, and post grids. Therefore, it can be used to make your blog more dynamic. Plus, the minimalist design makes it easy to create an attractive website without sacrificing performance or speed.

GeneratePress is perfect for food blogs thanks to its ability to display recipes. It also offers responsive design features to ensure your posts look great on any device.

The best WordPress templates in 2024 - Generate Press

Generate Press has over 1300 five-star ratings and is rated by most of its users as great support. The theme's documentation is very detailed, far superior to most themes. The theme has a free version and the Pro version costs US$ 59 per year or US$ 249 for lifetime access.


7. Blocksy: light and very fast

The Blocksy theme has more than 100 thousand active installations and one of its attractions is constant updates. In addition to being light, fast and very versatile, it was built with the latest technologies. Its base is the Gutenberg editor and can be used for different types of websites, such as business consultancy, store, institutional, educational, blog and portfolio.

Works with most page builders like Elementor, Beaver Builder, Visual Composer and Brizy. It's responsive and was also built to receive translations, which helps a lot. It already has WooCommerce integrated and is well built for SEO.

The best WordPress templates in 2024 - Blocksy

Blocksy has a free version and the Pro version has annual plans ranging from US$ 69 to US$ 149 and lifetime plans ranging from US$ 199 to US$ 499.


8. Inspiro: focus on images and video

The Inspiro theme focuses on photo and video editing and has a modern design and good speed. With many features, including a full screen area for Vimeo and YouTube, the theme features self-hosted video backgrounds and Page Builder integration, as well as compatibility with WooCommerce and the Elementor and Beaver Builder builders.

The best WordPress templates in 2024 - Inspiro

With more than 70 thousand installations, the theme is rated 4.7 stars. It has the free version and the Pro version goes from US$ 99 per year to US$ 199 per year.


9. Go: simplicity and flexibility

The Go theme has, to date, more than 90,000 active installations. The 4.8 star rating shows how much the theme stands out in the WordPress repository.

With a customizable color scheme, pre-made designs and Gutenberg compatibility, the Go theme also works with the CoBlocks plugin, which adds more than 20 extra block options, such as carousels and hero images.

The best WordPress templates in 2024 - Go

Go does not have a paid option. It is widely used by agencies to start a website from scratch and its documentation is available on Github.


10. Hestia: ideal for businesses and agencies

Hestia has a modern and professional design, as well as free and paid versions. With a 5-star rating and more than 100,000 active installations, it is a great option for business websites and online stores.

The best WordPress templates in 2024 - Hestia

Compatible with Beaver Builder and with WooCommerce integration, it is fully responsive, retina-ready and optimized for SEO.

The paid version has three plans: US$ 69 per year, US$ 99 per year and US$ 299 per year.


11. Storefront: a great theme for online stores

Built by the WooCommerce developers themselves, which provides total integration and compatibility, Storefronte has more than 200,000 active installations and a 4.5-star rating. One of the strengths is that the theme is free, and comes with many features, with a responsive layout and multiple color options.

The best WordPress templates in 2024 - Storefront

Theme extensions offer additional features like parallax scrolling for hero images and hamburger menus.


12. Sydney: great for businesses and freelancers

When Sydney was released, it quickly spread throughout the WordPress community. Its multifunctionality (suitable for agencies, companies and freelancers) and ease of use have resulted in the theme having a 5-star rating and more than 100,000 active installations.

The best WordPress templates in 2024 - Sydney

The theme supports more than 600 Google fonts, offers a parallax effect and has a free and Pro version. The paid version starts with US$ 55 per year, going through US$ 95 per year and ending with the plan of US$ 199 per year.


Customizing your WordPress template

Customizability is key when choosing a template. By customizing, you ensure that the design reflects your brand's unique identity. Explore your template customization options to make your website look truly unique.

It is important to choose a theme that fits the type of website being developed and planning is an important step before starting installation and customization.

Recommended plugins to expand customization

In addition to native customization options, plugin integration can significantly expand its capabilities. Find out which plugins are recommended to add advanced functionality and further customize your website.

The WordPress repository has several options and evaluations that can help in this regard. In addition, it is also necessary to plan plugin installations, due to compatibility and compromising site speed.

Common challenges and solutions

When installing new templates, compatibility issues may arise. To combat this, it is essential to keep your plugins and themes updated, as well as checking compatibility before installation. A proactive approach can prevent future headaches.

Back up your website while you are working on your project (there are good plugins for this) and check if your accommodation It also offers daily backups.

Additionally, site speed is crucial for retaining visitors. Use practices like image optimization, efficient caching, and choosing quality hosting to ensure your site loads quickly. Remember, the first impression counts.

The importance of SEO in templates

Integrating SEO strategies into your template is a smart move. Make sure to use optimized titles and meta descriptions, friendly URLs, and appropriate headers to improve visibility in search engines.

There are also great plugins to help with these tasks. So, do your research before you start optimizing your website.

In addition to built-in practices, explore SEO analytics tools to continually evaluate and improve your performance. Tools like Google Analytics and the SEMrush can offer valuable insights.

Free templates vs. paid

Free template options can be a viable choice, as long as they come from reliable sources. Evaluate quality, compatibility and features before deciding, remembering that free should not compromise functionality.

On the other hand, paid templates often offer premium support, regular updates, and advanced features. If your budget allows, considering a paid investment can provide a more robust and reliable experience.

Factors to Consider Beyond Design

In addition to the design, consider the quality of customer support offered by the template developer. An active online community can also be a valuable resource, providing additional support and sharing tips and tricks.

Additionally, templates that receive regular updates are essential for maintaining the security and performance of your website. Make sure you choose a template that is continually improved to meet the latest technological demands.

In short…

By exploring trends, community favorites, specialty templates, and common challenges, you're now better prepared to find the perfect template for your website in 2024. Carefully consider your needs and goals, and don't be afraid to experiment until you find the ideal match .

As we move into 2024, we can anticipate an exciting future for WordPress design. With trends and technologies constantly evolving, templates will continue to play a crucial role in creating engaging and innovative online experiences. Be ready to embrace change and take your online presence to new heights. WordPress is evolving, and your website can evolve with it.

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